Ansible Playbooks [Beta]

Chromebooks support Linux VMs via Crostini, which can be enabled or disabled on managed Chrome OS devices. We are adding a beta feature which enables some configuration of the linux environment via Ansible playbooks. This could be really useful for admins who want to enhance the app environment for their users without having to manually configure the apps for each user device.

The example playbook which we've deployed to all users in is below. It essentially automatically installs 4 applications once the VM has been enabled.

You can edit/upload your own in the Chrome User settings called 'Linux virtual machine configuration'.

To demo this feature, simply turn on the Linux environment in the Chrome settings. Once the VM has setup, the apps will automatically install.


- hosts: all


- name: Install standard packages


force_apt_get: yes


- "gimp"

- "sublime-text"

- "audacity"

- "vlc"

state: latest

cache_valid_time: 3600