We have provided one user that you can use to demo Parallels on Chrome OS. Please sign in using the Demo Credentials for the Parallels user, where you will then be able to install and use the pre-configured Windows image.

NOTE: The Windows image is 14.1GB and can take some time to download. If you plan to demo parallels on a fresh Chrome device, please start the install process at least 1 hour in advance of the demo. Once you've configured the setup on your device once, providing you don't deprovision the device, you'll be able to sign back into the account and continue where you left off.

This support article outlines which devices can run Parallels, along with further useful information.

Details about the pre-configured Windows environment

This image configures a Windows 10 desktop with a local account called Parallels that auto-launches into a locked multi-app kiosk with Office 2019 & OneNote 2016.

As this is just a demo, Windows will need to be activated within 30 days and you’ll need to either add an Office 2019 license key or sign into Office with a Microsoft account that has a 365 license. For demo purposes, you can make use of the 5 day grace period.

If you need to log in as Admin at any point the details are:



Provisioning package that sets the allowed apps & start menu configuration can be found in C:\KioskConfig\

  • LocalKiosk - Creates a local account called Parallels, sets autologin, sets multi-app kiosk with Office apps allowed (applied by default)

  • GlobalKiosk - Sets a global policy that all non-admins that log in are pushed to multi-app kiosk with Office apps allowed. This can be used if you are planning on logging into the device with non-local accounts.

You can delete a previous provisioning package by logging back in as admin and going to Settings > Accounts > Access work or school > Add or remove a provisioning package